About Sikka

Sikka is a safe community center where members of any community gather for group activities, social support, access to public information and other social activities. It is a central hub for social and agricultural initiatives, awareness-raising and social networking.

Sikka aims to encourage principles of equality, justice, solidarity, sharing, environment protection, self sufficiency food security, using natural resources/food production), and economic model development that would increase marginalized groups' autonomy.

Sikka plays a positive role in advocating initiatives such as cooperatives in order to encourage autonomy and new economic models.

Who benefits from Sikka

Initiatives, groups and communities, freelancers, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and whoever believes that Sikka is the space where ideas and potentials can grow.


Sikka is an inclusive, open and creative pedestal for community based initiatives that aspire to help others.


To sustain a community centre that provides the right knowledge to create an innovative system to reach independence.