About Sikka

Sikka Saida offers unique and shared spaces for young innovators and entrepreneurs in Saida. It serves as a safe haven where community members can engage in group activities, receive social support, and access public information. The space is a central hub for social, agricultural, and educational initiatives, fostering social interactions and awareness.

Our mission is to promote equality, justice, solidarity, participation, environmental protection, self-sufficiency, and food security. Sikka Saida advocates for economic models that empower marginalized groups and supports cooperative initiatives to encourage self-reliance.

Who Benefits from Sikka

Our space is designed for initiatives, groups, communities, freelancers, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and anyone who believes Sikka is a place where ideas and potential can flourish.


Sikka is an inclusive, open, and innovative platform for community-driven initiatives aiming to help others.


We strive to maintain a space that provides the necessary knowledge to create an innovative or alternative system for achieving independence.


Layal Khatib photo

Layal Khatib

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Mohammed Ghamloush

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Hania Zaatari